Introducing KAREN 12!

We proudly welcome the latest member of the JWM Acoustics family!

Karen 12

KAREN 12 1 copy

About a year and a half ago we introduced the KAREN series of turntables and accessories. A series driven by the quest for a sound almost forgotten from my youth. Since then, it has become the most popular product at JWM Acoustics.

In May of 2015, JWM Acoustics introduced the KAREN 3 at Lone Star Audio Fest. A hand built, solid wood turntable based on the REGA platform. Completely designed and manufactured in Hawaii. The idea was to show people that our $1,500.00 turntable could easily perform with tables 3 times the cost. And we did.

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Later that month at T.H.E. SHOW NEWPORT we introduced the next step, KAREN 6. A $2,400.00 analog solution that floored each show goer who entered the room. All agreed that this table pushed way above its price range and had little to no competition in this range period. A constant stream of show goers agreed. In only a few months, this table has now built its own cult following. From the solid handmade hardwood plinth, to the hand tuned power supply it is not hard to see why.


Now, once again, we decided to take KAREN to the next level. An all new concept with parts sourced from all corners of the globe. A collaborative piece that represents our finest table yet. In October 2015 at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest you will see and hear what is possible when things are made to be simple, by hand and purpose driven.

Beautiful, Elegant, KAREN 12

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The KAREN 12 plinth is made from a single large and rigid piece of wood. Alone it weighs 30lbs. The KAREN 12 is indeed a large turntable with a tremendous amount of mass for its size. As with all the tables in the KAREN series, the edges are cut at a specific angle to reduce surface vibration. The original vibration damping shape of the KAREN design has been also utilized here, but to larger scale bringing the noise floor even lower than previous models. The signature curved front also serves a purpose in diffracting internal vibrations.

KAREN 12 Control copyAs with the KAREN 6 we addressed the motor and controller in the usual JWM Acoustics manner. With further simplifications and refinement to the vibration damping mechanism and power consistency, we have increased the accuracy and dropped the noise floor even further for the entire table. The motor and electronics are recessed into the underside of the table and treated to isolate from the bearing assembly and quiet the table further.

KAREN 12 3 copyThe bearing assembly, sub-platter and spindle has also been addressed with a handmade system sourced from Argentina and built by Tango Spinner. This polished drive mechanism and bearing has extremely tight tolerances and has proven to add accuracy, pace and depth to the presentation. The three belt pulley system provides copious amounts of torque and drives the two layer glass platter sourced from REGA with command.

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The stock arm for the KAREN 12 was carefully chosen to extend the same powerful signature sound the KAREN series is becoming known for. We chose the ORTOFON TA-210 12” static tonearm. We feel this arm/table combination possesses an elegant balance between analytical and soulful. Paired with most any cartridge on the market and you have a machine that will bring musical bliss to your home for many generations to come.

KAREN 12 5 copyAs with all JWM Acoustics products, you may customize your KAREN 12 to suit your own tastes. We have a large assortment of woods and finishes to choose from as well as the desire to build your dream table exactly as you wish. Should you have an idea for something you don’t see on our website, feel free to ask if we can custom tailor your deck for you. It’s what we do.

woods 1We are taking pre-orders for the KAREN 12 now, so feel free to contact us for further details, or a consultation on what we can do for you. We truly believe this playback machine will breathe a new life into your collection and reveal even more information locked in the grooves of every record you play. The KAREN 12 and her sisters should be on your short list of new tables to hear and we can’t wait to share them all with you.


Please join us in October for Rocky Mountain Audio Fest as we introduce the newest member of the JWM Acoustics family.

Beautiful, Elegant, KAREN 12